About AirVenues

About Us

There’s a place for everyone on AirVenues

AirVenues is here to help the world get together in spaces with meaning - where real life happens. From your neighbors’ backyard to the office at your work, the local car showroom to the roof of a Manhattan skyscraper– anywhere can be an AirVenue.


“Venues are like air, they surround us”

The story of how AirVenues came to be, from our founder, CEO and lead venue champion, Alaina Nash. How a casual conversation in a New York train carriage lead to the creation of a vast global network of shared event spaces.


Our Mission

AirVenues empowers people, organizations, and communities to benefit from sharing their spaces, equipment, skills, and endeavors. Sharing these valuable assets through our shared-economy platform enables them to generate personal income, strengthen their communities, enrich people’s lives and nurture relationships

Just Imagine

Just imagine if any garden, building, room or house could be hired for parties, weddings, meetings, classes and get togethers of all kinds… it would be pretty cool right? Well, now they can. AirVenues is here to help the world get together, anywhere, in venues with meaning - where real life happens. From your neighbors’ backyard to the office at your work, the local car showroom to the roof of a Manhattan skyscraper– anywhere can be an AirVenue.

Want to have a pool party, but don’t have a pool? Search for a backyard pool to hire in your neighborhood on AirVenues. Looking for a wedding venue that’s so unashamedly different it will make your big day totally unforgettable? Start looking now. Need a unique location to shoot your next video – look no further. Think a toy shop is a great place for a child’s birthday party? We do too,so we’re growing the AirVenues community day by day, to sharemore and more amazing venues with you.

So, that’s us, AirVenues, we’re helping you, your friends, your colleagues and everyone, get together to make magical moments and lasting memories…any space, anytime, anywhere.

As Bob Marley sang...   "One LOVE...One HEART...Let’s GET TOGETHER and FEEL ALL RIGHT”

Management Team Members

Alaina Nash -- Founder

Alaina Nash

A University of Colorado graduate, Alaina holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. Spending most of her pre and post-graduate work in Sales and Business Development, the majority of her career was devoted to Telecommunications. Alaina brings more than 20 years in sales, business development, management, training and leadership. With a passion for seeing the world differently, she created AirVenues to simply do things less traditionally and introduce opportunity to anyone, globally! Alaina brings passion, high energy, hard-work and collaboration to every project, company and commitment she makes. A self-taught entrepreneur, she partners with industry masterminds and leaders to create, build and launch collaborative ideas into products and solutions for the greater good of all. A devoted wife and mother, Alaina strives to make our world an all-inclusive and inspiring place for everyone to make their mark. Alaina has held sales and leadership roles with the following companies since graduating from CU: Black and Decker, Philips, Univar, Comcast Corporation. Likewise she has started 2 other companies, Just Playin’ House (2017 to present) and the Parvati Group (2007 to 2010),

Chris Nash -- Co-Founder and Talent Acquisition

Chris Nash

Chris has over 22 years’ experience in Business Development and Talent Acquisition, responsible for results within a multitude of technologies and industries. Chris has managed large national accounts, large government accounts, and small to medium sized accounts. Prior to founding AirVenues, Chris held the role of Technical Recruiting lead at NREL. He has previously worked in roles as Sales Executive, Business Development Management, and Operations Management. His specialties include talent acquisition, business development, win/win negotiations, power systems, cyber-security, telecommunications technology, recruiting, sales, and most importantly - building long mutually beneficial business relationships. Outside of work, Chris is passionate about outdoor sports including snowboarding and hiking and loves spending time with his family and friends.

Natalie DeVito -- Marketing Strategy Development Expert

Natalie DeVito

A Marist College graduate, Natalie holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing. Natalie has worked in the start-up space and technology space for various industries including Telecommunications, Digital Advertising, and SaaS executing marketing and product marketing efforts. Natalie’s seven years of business experience and self-starter attitude has evolved her passion for tech and start-up business culture. Excited to join the AirVenues team and lead up marketing efforts, she thrives by working with strong-minded, determined business partners to help her develop her own skills and take AirVenues to the next level. An aspiring dog-mom and avid yoga and wellness fan, Natalie brings communication, transparency, and masterful marketing to AirVenues.

Leigh Lain Walker -- Community Engagement Officer/Sponsorship and Partner Facilitator

Leigh Lain Walker

Ms. Walker has a Master’ Degree in Applied Environmental Science, specializing in energy and sustainability. She continues to be involved in capital improvement and energy efficiency projects for local municipalities. In addition to over 16 years’ experience writing federal and state grants, she also has a diverse background reflected in her comprehensive analytics, research, project management, energy project planning services, and reporting assistance. She works on residential, commercial, and municipal energy efficiency programs through the County of Ventura and through the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA) Local Government Partnership. Additionally, Ms. Walker has completed her BOC Level I coursework, is an ASHRAE Level II auditor, manages the Ventura County Green Business Program, and is a member of the Board of Directors for the California Green Business Network.

Richard Jebb -- International Expansion and Content Strategist

Richard Jebb

Richard has been helping fill venues and create successful events for over 20 years. He is a marketing and communications brand strategist specialising in the hospitality, events and meetings sector. From his home in London, Richard has worked with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, including the British Government, global hotel brands and leading international associations. Richard graduated from London’s University of Greenwich with a BA in Business Administration.

Chris Young -- Development

Chris Young

Chris Young has been a database designer, application developer, performance analyst and technology consultant for 30 years. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a BS in Aeronautics but was drawn to the IT industry and has never looked back. After spending seven years as a database consultant and instructor for bptj Oracle and Sybase servicing corporate and government clients across the US, he started his own software consulting and training firm in Seattle in 1995. He’s worked on healthcare, billing, contract and financial systems for a diverse set of customers including AT&T, the US Navy, Russell Investments, Capital One and Crane Aerospace. Chris also serves on the Board of Directors for the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention as the Technology Committee Chair.