How It Works

AirVenues is for people looking for fantastic new places to host their events.

People share all kinds of spaces for event hosts to book. We check they meet our standards.

You explore great value spaces for parties, events, classes and more.

You book your perfect venue and begin planning a fabulous event.

Venues for Every Event

Host your team brainstorm in a quirky living room close to your office. Get married on a farm surrounded by goats, cows and chickens. Celebrate your 12-year old’s pool party in Rita at number 12’s pool. Whatever personal reasons you have to get together, you’ll find venues with natural personality here. Know a great place that’s not already an AirVenue? Please tell us about it!

A New Kind of Togetherness

“When was ever honey made with one bee in a hive?” Thomas Hood Our favourite dictionary describes Togetherness as “the state of being close to another person or other people,” what more can we say? By getting together, people have fun, make friends, experience amazing moments, fall in love, enjoy lasting elation, get on better and share life-improving ideas. Togetherness is good. Let’s make it easier.

Why We Share

Since the beginning of humanity, people improved their lives by sharing resources, ideas and abilities. Sharing empowered us to grow food, explore and protect. By sharing we discovered fire, invented the wheel, developed industry and harnessed technology. Sharing built our world. So, if everyone were able to share more - we could build a world where everyone is happier and healthier. Sharing can build a better world. You can start sharing today.

There’s a place for everyone on AirVenues

AirVenues is here to help the world get together in spaces with meaning - where real life happens. From your neighbors’ backyard to the office at your work, the local car showroom to the roof of a Manhattan skyscraper– anywhere can be an AirVenue.


“Venues are like air, they surround us”

The story of how AirVenues came to be, from our founder, CEO and lead venue champion, Alaina Nash. How a casual conversation in a New York train carriage lead to the creation of a vast global network of shared event spaces.


Our Mission

AirVenues empowers people, organizations, and communities to benefit from sharing their spaces, equipment, skills, and endeavors. Sharing these valuable assets through our shared-economy platform enables them to generate personal income, strengthen their communities, enrich people’s lives and nurture relationships


You can share your backyard, swimming pool, field, office, restaurant, shop and anywhere else through AirVenues. You’ll earn extra-income and join a community of people that’s sharing space to help others create lasting memories. We’re helping the world get together, anywhere.

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